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Empowering Collaboration

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What is SymfonyContrib?

SymfonyContrib is an open source community for third party contributions around the Symfony framework by empowering developers to share their code without having to commit their life to supporting it and to give consistency for users of the code.

Example Problem

You write a bundle for Symfony2 and want to share it with the world, what do you do?

There are many ways but let's take the common approach:

While this is not a horrible way to go about open sourcing your Symfony contribution, there are some inherent problems with this approach.

How does SymfonyContrib help solve these problems?

Short answer:

Long answer: By looking at other successful open source projects that have many contributors, they provide a common place to publish your code where maintainers can easily come and go. This provides consistency and gives a sense of community empowerment and ownership that makes it easier for more people to get involved.

How does SymfonyContrib work? How can I contribute code?

The community will work out how SymfonyContrib operates as we go forward. But to start with, this is how you can become part of the community and contribute your code:


How is SymfonyContrib different from FriendsOfSymfony or other Symfony communities? Other groups limit their members, limit contribution, or are focused around a project. These are not a bad things, they are just different approaches. SymfonyContrib aims to be open to all and build a community to maintain it. Does that mean there will be no rules or standards? No, it just means that the rules and standards will be dictated by the community. SymfonyContrib is not in competition with any open source groups. We are only trying to complement them by helping to empower more collaboration.

Am I required to maintain my code if I contribute it to SymfonyContrib? Not forever, but you should plan to commit as much support as you can. If you can not or do not want to support your code at all, then it is best left in your own public repo where others can still get to it. If they have the time they can contribute it to SymfonyContrib and get it's community life started.

I can support my code some but not as much as it will probably need. Can I contribute my code? Yes. As long as you are willing to stick around long enough to help get the project's feet off the ground, you can call out for help maintaining the project in the top of your README file.

How can I be credited as an author/maintainer if my name is not in the namespace? You are welcome to put your name as an author/maintainer/sponsor in the README, maintainers.txt, humans.txt, etc. Many open source projects often keep a history of the project in this manner. Also, most likely all of your commits will have your name attached to them which allows everyone to see the great work you have done.